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Post  Reena on Fri Dec 16, 2011 3:11 am

Hey everybody!

I'm Ed from Vancouver, BC. I'm 42 and started RPGing in the early 80s with the D&D Redbox. Moved on to Advanced, Top Secret, an a bit of Traveler. Haven't played pen-and-paper since early college years but did some NWN a few years ago and started playing in a few online Amber games a year or so ago. Always loved the Amber books and game but was never able to get a game going back in the old days.

My character is Reena a dark skinned young woman 5'6" tall dresses mostly in black with some dark orange highlights. She is a daughter of Caine and a shadow godess Ratri. Reena is from the shadow Gupta, a India-esk place; consider it a cross of Lord of Light and a secular Ramayana. She is friendly, easy-going, but a bit headstrong and a trouble maker although not to the point where she creates any family trouble.

Since walking the Pattern she has spent little time in Amber, just stopping by to catchup with her father and some of the other elders; she probably knows any of the other PCs who spend most of their time in the Amber area. Outside of Amber she has been playing out in Shadow, testing her skills against any powerful kings, high priests, or warlords she comes across. Generally not aiming to kill shadow folk, but preferably steal priceless, guarded items (religious relics are her favorite to pilfer) and cause trouble and embarrassment to the powerful. After a number of years taking advantage of shadow society, Reena is now growing bored of her games and is looking for new challenges.

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