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Post  David on Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:18 pm

Dworkin, generally now known among elder Amberites at least as Oberon's father. This is not common knowledge. He is generally thought of as Merlin to Oberon's King Arthur, but extremely eccentric and very difficult to understand. Imagine Dumbledore as played by Christopher Walken, or Gandalf imbued with most if not all the eccentricities of the Time Lord known as The Doctor. Exactly what he's up to at any given time--who knows?

Martin, son of Random and Morganthe, Moire's daughter (father unknown). Nice enough guy, fun-loving, leery of Amber itself and its politics. Also the grandson of Moire, Queen of Rebma, where he grew up. Some kind of tension there, actually. He left Rebma as soon as he could and didn't go back. Doesn't like to lose but far from a hothead.

Moire, Queen of Rebma and aunt to Llewella (whose mother's name was Fraye). A beautiful and imperious woman who liked Corwin enough to sleep with him and allow him to walk her Pattern. Probably galls her that she herself lacks that ability (methinks maybe an ancestor or two proved that the hard way). Very particular about maintaining Rebma's independence and seems to look upon her family not unlike chess pieces. This might explain her relationship with Martin as well as the "punishment" she designed for Random.

Vialle, blind wife of Random and his queen. By all accounts a shrewd but kind person, one who fell in love with the wayward prince she was made to marry, and earned his love in return. She and Llewella almost certainly know each other quite well. Precisely why Moire decided to marry her to Random remains a little unclear, but by the Queen's lights this was doing her a favor.

Jopin, Keeper of the LIghthouse of Cabra. No nonsense sort of man, in pretty much every meaning of the term. Not easily fooled. Not political. Content with his home and his work. Not the kind to give away secrets, his own or anyone else's.

Bill Roth of Earth, sometimes lawyer and friend to Corwin. At this point he has never been to Amber, but knows there was something strange about his friend Corey.


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