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Post  Karlsen on Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:34 am

Ok I don't have a character but I get ideas. Since a certain character keeps heading to the kitchen well lets flesh out the staff there! Laughing

Madam Wong and Mr. Bertrand
Madam Wong is a short and stocky (don’t you dare call her fat!) Asian woman who runs the kitchens. She grudgingly lets her husband (Mr. Bertrand) run the cooking area because she loves her husband, but the rest of the kitchen is her fiefdom which she guards zealously. She oversees the food requirements for all of the royal family, the servants, the guards and any guests that happen to be in residence. She has more influence than her station would suggest because she is a master of the baking of pies. Her sour cherry pie is said to have made Benedict smile. Many a bit of gossip has been dropped over a piece of blackberry pie. She is generally in a happy mood, but has a sarcastic streak a mile wide. She is also sharp as a tack and can make merchants tear their hair out and cry.

Mr. Bertrand is a very tall thin Frenchman who generally looks like his puppy died. He sports a drooping black moustache that accentuates his thin features and sallow coloring. He never seems quite happy with the raw ingredients that he gets and often laments “ve vill see vat ve can do wis zese. Phaw!” He is a perfectionist and can often be heard ranting in a thick accented thari or even lapsing into his native French. While he screams and rants he actually shows what is being done wrong, and what needs to be done. Chefs who work under him go to work as head chefs at noble houses or fine restaurants in Amber.

If accepted I will PM the GM some fun ideas I have for the next character that heads for the kitchen!

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